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I do photography for small business, Personal branding, Product, E-Commerce, lifestyle, conceptual art

I specialize in these PHOTOGRAPHY Services

Help your audience see what it is they will feel & experience when they own your product or use your service.

Portrait photoshoots are a place where it’s fun to be creative. Together we can come up with any concept that is only limited by our imaginations.

White clean white backdrop is a must in any e-commerce store. Lifestyle shots and flat lays help products come to life. 

Check out and shop my store of created and curated pieces that speak to your inner fire. 

I'm on a mission to help people spread their joy through imagery

….because, let’s face it, life can be rough. Let’s take what it is you love either about yourself or your product and share it with others. Spread the joy!

THE JOY OF CONNECTION – A photography experience can be a forcing function. Through the process you learn a lot about your business and your audience. Someone out there is in search of the gifts you offer. So share it and make real positive change in the world. 

THE JOY OF COLLABORATION – You are not in this alone! People, like me, truly want to see you succeed in reaching your goals and expanding your joy. 

THE JOY OF CREATION – The only way to manifest your dream is to create it. Imagery helps visually represent that intangible story. There is no better time in all of history to take advantage of the tools we have to get that message out to the world. Spread the joy! 

“The best way to find happiness is not to search for it but create it.”

What is your unique and best-selling brand voice? – Take the Quiz! 

Gain exciting insights into how customers perceive your brand’s voice. Plus boost your profits by learning to create genuine, meaningful connections through your images for marketing.

Why are images for small business branding important?

  • CareerBuilder study reveals: “65 percent of workers who search for jobs via mobile devices will leave a web site if it is not mobile-optimized; 40 percent walk away with a more negative opinion of the company.”
  • Research tells us that website users scan websites, they don’t read. Images are the best way to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time.
  • High quality images allow the users to make an informed opinion about the value of your site.
  • According to a study done by the Nielsen Group, the average user decides if they want to stay on a site within 10-20 seconds. Furthermore, humans are able to process images 60,000 times faster than text. Images are the fastest way to relay your message quickly.

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

African proverb

Content creation should not be stressful.

Why not make it more fun by doing your branding photoshoot with other women while you work together to support each other? Join me as well as other creatives and like minded entrepreneurs as we all get together to help you with your image goals.

Level up your branding efforts by  joining the Brand Image Academy!


From the Blog

Read about some past shoots and client experiences, ways I create my images, and some tips I’ve learned along the way.

hi i'M Sharon your Photographer

Hiring a photographer is picking the right partner. But in the end, it always comes down to “that feeling you have”. Intuition is a marvelous thing. I got into photography by saying yes to my intuition with a bit of encouragement and mentorship of Brett Seeley, a fantastic fitness photographer. Since then, I developed a style of my own that centers around each unique circumstance of each individual person. I think that is why there is a lot of variety in what I do. As a bodybuilding competitor I started off working with clients in the fitness industry. That lead me to further help a lot of those entrepreneurs continue to create content for their brands which led me to offering branded imagery for businesses. I’m also an entrepreneur and artist at heart. I use what I know in marketing my own business to help my clients in theirs. We all level up together. The artist in me cannot stop creating. My passion is creating ideas for people and seeing it through to its visual representation.Do more of what you love by sharing it with the world. My job is to help you spread that joy.

Tony Robbins

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” -

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are not allowed to edit images in all circumstances except one. My content and branding clients get a special exception to this rule. Because the images are for their business and social feeds, they are allowed to place their own filters on their photos which are often given very very lightly edited. 

Depending on what type of photoshoot you do (product, branding, fitness, fashion, standard or creative portrait), you will receive a gallery of images. Through the gallery you are able to download directly images you decide to purchase, request further editing or request printing. Payment can also be made directly through the gallery or through Venmo. 

Galleries of your images are usually delivered within 1 week after the photoshoot. Further edits will be done up to 3 weeks after the initial edit request. Images will be delivered digitally or can be printed. Expect prints to be sent out within a week of request. 

In most cases except for a boudoir shoot you may bring someone else to the photoshoot. But beware, I may have them work (holding lights, positioning the fan or flipping fabric ) while they are there. While the environment will definitely be fun, friendly, and positive, we are in the business of image creation. Anyone that interferes with our goals may be asked to step away. 

If in doubt, bring it all. Having a lot to choose from is never a bad thing for me. I like choices! You may not wear all of it or any of it but if you don’t bring it, it will definitely not get shot. Make sure shoes are clean. Dirty shoes take forever to photoshop and you will be spending more on the post process. 

10 Things to Consider When Planning for a Fitness Photoshoot 

  1. Start planning for it days before. Schedule hair, makeup, tanning if needed.
  2. If you are tanning, tanning needs to be even and not blotchy. The more blotches, the more money you will spend on post production work. 
  3. Plan outfits ahead of time. Throwing a bunch of clothes in a bag 20 minutes before you leave and hoping for the best does not guarantee you will get the images you wanted. 
  4. Clothing and shoes should be clean and wrinkle free as possible. 
  5. Shave or wax a few days prior so your skin does not look irritated and red during the photoshoot.
  6. Finger nails and toe nails need to be manicured. 
  7. Exfoliate and moisturize your face the day before so that makeup goes on more smoothly and your face looks fresh.
  8. Get lots of sleep the night before. The tired look does not photograph well on anyone.
  9. The day of your photoshoot please arrive on time. Being late may mean taking away from the agreed shoot time which means less looks and images you will have.
  10. Relax and enjoy the process. The photographer will guide your posing, the more relaxed you are the more natural and less stiff you will look in the images. 

Please inform me of any cancelation or rescheduling as soon as you can. I totally understand that life happens, but if you are one of those people that continually cancel, then obviously the photoshoot with me is not your priority so I would encourage you to find a photographer that will be more of a priority to you. 

I turned my 5 car garage into a completely finished home studio. This allows me to keep prices low and get as creative and messy as I want. But I’m also open to shooting in lots of different settings on location. If clients would like to have it at a certain location like another studio, a hotel room, or specific rental space, I’m happy to shoot there, but just know, that the client is responsible for securing and paying for that location. 

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photoshoots are a place where it’s fun to be creative.

Together we can come up with any concept that is only limited by your imagination! Are you in search for something out of the ordinary? Do you want to feel and be like a model for a day? Do you ever see yourself as a work of art? what would those dreams look like? let’s make it happen!