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When I’m not doing photoshoots I like to find and create clothing and accessories that would look beautiful in photoshoots! Check out my store on Etsy and Amazon.

let's face it...

Our outer self is a reflection of our inner self and vice-versa. The physical and mental are intertwined and compose the health of our whole being. So yes, call it vanity, call it self care, call it self love. Embrace it and celebrate the complete beauty that is you.

I love making art and I realized that part of me enjoys not only doing it through photography but also making things that I am inspired to create.

how to care for your lingerie pieces

1) Remove all attachment jewelry.

2) Do not machine wash (If you do anyway, DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Lay flat to dry.)

3) Fill basin with lukewarm water and cap full of delicate lingerie detergent. Swirl bras and lingerie. Gently wring out excess water and lay flat to dry. Make sure appliqué’s are flat and not bent when drying. 

Let's do this!

i would love to hear from you.

Together we can come up with any concept that is only limited by your imagination! Are you in search for something out of the ordinary? Do you want to feel and be like a model for a day? Do you ever see yourself as a work of art? What would those dreams look like? let’s make it happen!