“ Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
- Coco Chanel

Considerations & Suggestions for Days Before

More info can be found on my blog “What to Wear to a Fitness Photoshoot”

Get lots of sleep especially the night before. The tired look does not photograph well. Get your outfits coordinated and packed ahead of time. Throwing a bunch of clothes in a bag 20 minutes before you leave and hoping for the best does not guarantee you will look your best. Please no super wrinkled clothing. Shoes should be clean. Make sure hair and makeup has been organized (or scheduled). Finger nails and toe nails need to be manicured. Either polished or bare is fine, just not half polish where it’s peeling. Shave or wax a few days prior so your skin doesn’t look irritated or red. Tanned skin does photograph best but it’s not required. But please not orange super fake looking tan, there are a lot of good spray tanning vendors out there so please use them.

The day of your photoshoot please arrive on time. Being late may mean taking away from the agreed shoot time which means less looks and images you will have. Although it’s not required, I highly highly highly suggest you get hair and makeup professionally done.

If you’ve never done a photoshoot before that’s great! Relax and enjoy the process. I will guide your posing and everything you need to do during the shoot.

My Tips on Fitness Photoshoot Outfits 


Start with the basics:  Plain black and plain white are always a great standby. They work great alone or paired with other things. Always bring plain black or white fitness bra top and bottom (legging, shorts) to a photoshoot. There are a few general styles to think about when doing a fitness photoshoot. All these styles can be shot in a gym, studio or at a location.


Traditional Gym Fitness Photoshoot: This type of style is what is generally seen on someone working out.

Capris, leggings, boys shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, tank tops, gym shoes, chucks, hand wraps, sweat pants, sweat shirts, hoodies, track suits, hair tie, leg wraps, towel

Fashion Fitness Photoshoot: This incorporates traditional fitness clothing but with elevated styling. these looks provide a little “extra”.

One piece bodysuits, one piece swimsuits, ripped denim shirts, shorts, pants, high heels, fashion boots, headpieces, jewelry and accessories, mesh

How to Make your Fitness Photoshoot “Edgy”: When I think edgy fitness, I think badass, attitude, dark colors, mysterious, kicking butt.

Cut up shorts/ pants, leather, metallic, netting, camp, torn up tops, scrappy sport bras, booty shorts, chucks, wraps, vintage sweats or sweatshirts

How to Make your Fitness Photoshoot “commercial”: When I think commercial looks, I think bright, positive, energized, friendly, welcoming.

Go for traditional gym attire but use bright or pastel colors. You can pair a colored top with black or white bottoms or vice versa. Tennis shoes and gym shoes (clean!).

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