Denver Area Personal Branding, Fitness and Product Photographer, Sharon Lewis

A sought-after portrait and product photographer, Sharon Lewis is ready to capture your brand’s much-needed emotion-based photos for better leads and conversions. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Sharon, has an extensive background in art and design, and has years of experience shooting and publishing brands such as Vital Proteins, Can Prev, Passion Planner, Slay Rose, Pai Shou, and Fit Boots. Sharon is also a part of Reframe Your Brand whose brand image members get published in magazines and various online outlets including D’Fyne, Inside Fitness Magazine, 5280 Denver, Gilded, and Vanguard.
I’ve been a creative all my life, but it took me a very long time to realize its true value in the lives of people. I always thought that my love for art was something that I could only do for me. I grew up being advised not to pursue a career as a creative but to make that more of my hobby while I got paid to do something else. Years later, I decided to be true to myself and give it a go.

“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” - Tony Robbins

My Story

I’m a portrait photographer based in Denver Colorado. I work with fitness and personal branding. I love helping others embrace who they are by capturing aspects of their life they want to celebrate and passions they want to share with the world. I’m also a creative at heart. I have a background in art and design and absolutely enjoy all things art related. 5 years ago, I took on photography through the encouragement of an incredible fitness photographer who also became my mentor.  Photography has given me another outlet to express my artistic passion. More importantly, I have found my voice. I enjoy empowering clients through making them feel proud and confident of themselves. As a bodybuilding competitor I am often inspired by the fitness community and enjoy being part of their journey. I feel a great responsibility to help them document their incredible physique transformations. As I get to know my clients, I start to understand them even more. My interaction with fitness & portrait clients has progressed into offering branding and marketing photography because I continue to want to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Through my branding work, I help people visually communicate their brand with their audience. I like story telling and aim to link my subject or products with a narrative that connects with people in a relatable or aspirational way.

This former Chicago gal has completely been transformed by all the sunshine in Colorado. I absolutely love outdoor adventure. The mountains provide a lovely backdrop that I take advantage of as much as I can in my work. I also enjoy studio work because it provides me with a lot more control and creative freedom. I am able to shoot natural light or strobe. I’m still torn between which I prefer. My work is visually versatile. I create the images that fit the product or subject to the situation. What makes the creative process so fun for me is being able to unveil the final creation that comes from each project I shoot. Together we bring something completely unique and personalized to light.

"Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you."

— Todd Wheatland

When I’m not doing photography, I’m a totally involved mom to my 2 boys. We go on adventures, we do schoolwork, housework, and all the in between that fills my life with love and purpose. 

Make your vision a reality

I love what I do and enjoy helping people. I look forward to helping you imagine and create  your next visual dream or project. Do you want to learn more about me? Find me at the next event! Sign up for more info.