Plursona Bella brand is owned by imgcr8tive llc. Find Plursona on etsy and amazon or click below to see what is offered.

Inspired by my fantasy photoshoots, I’ve created a store of accessories and apparel that speaks to your creative muses. Whether you are looking for something unique for an edc concert, rave festival, photoshoot or other creative adventure, I hope you find something that brings you so much joy. For more designs, please check out IG: @plursona

charm chain bra rave outfit y2k style top

Taking Custom Charm Chain orders

My charm creations that become available on Etsy Store is random and created when time permits and ideas flow (which is very often). To get the latest drops on charm bras and accessories, you must follow my instagram! IG: @plursona 

 IG is the only way that I can let everyone know at the same time what new items drop. If you cannot wait for new drops or want something that is more to your preference, I’m accepting custom design request purchases. 

custom charm chain necklace rave top rave outfit festival outfit y2k top charm necklace festival fashion

When I’m not doing photography, I’m working on my Plursona Bella Charm Chain creations. It’s another outlet where I can let my imagination run free and make something beautiful to share with the world.